Its 2021 – I would like to see more diversity in the wedding industry, wouldn’t you?

Foreign countries, cultures and other languages? Another passion of mine. But all the travel in the world might not be enough to engender the deep cross-cultural awareness people need now. We can only deepen our own understanding of who we are in an unequal world and how that makes us feel and how that motivates us to shift our life in some way or another.

“I think in its purest form, empathy is basically impossible. I can weep for you, but I can’t weep as you.” Nathan Thornburgh

The wedding industry has always been dominated by the same type of content and imagery – very thin, white, heterosexual couples. How can women wearing anything other than size 0, woman of color or same-sex couples, women with a disability or even a bride wearing glasses specifically identify with the product, when they never relate to or see people who look like them in the marketing campaigns? Cream will always prioritize representing BIPOC, size diversity, and inclusion of smaller communities in its content. Diversity Management is creating an environment that is inclusive of all.

Cream bridal stands firmly against the racial injustice we are seeing around the globe – I am committed to driving for change and most importantly taking anti-racism actions for a better future in the bridal industry. I drive to promote a diverse environment for the brides and the staff. I have committed myself on working, listening and learning by inventing a very special project of mine to actively help in bringing change (you will be the first to know about my little secret – promise!).

I believe in equality for all, regardless of skincolor, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.

These are not only my personal most important ethical values, they also play an important role in social change. The main asset of diversity is what makes the world interesting, changing, alive and deeply human. It is what keeps us moving, innovating and creative. Because the benefit of diversity is not only preserved on the external impact of my company but should also affect the public.

I strive to not only believe in inclusiveness, but represent in the brands I choose, through my staff and on social media.

I see you and want to hear from you! If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my business in this matter or just want to say hi, please reach out to

The bridal industry can be better. It needs to be better.

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