“I want people to see the dress,

but focus on the woman.”

Vera Wang
Wedding Dresses Zürich

Love comes in a wonderful variety of beautiful colors, shapes and sizes.

I selected each wedding dress in the shop by myself specifically with my brides in mind wanting quality and originality alongside a personal approach. The selection offers many different styles and fabrics to help every bride find their own dream dress. I spend a lot of time selecting designers and dresses for my unique collection. The Gowns range from CHF 1100 – CHF 4000 with dresses to try on in different sizes.

Until now, the bridal industry has been tethered by traditional, dated ideas of the ‘blushing bride’ marrying her Prince Charming. With Cream, we’re creating a brand and a space that speaks to our core belief that there is no ‘right’ way to be a bride. And no surcharge for extended sizes, ever.

Finally. It’s Luxury Bridal for Everybody and Every Body.

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