Hi, I`m Caroline.

Just a simple girl who loves life, adventures, spicy food and of course prosecco (who doesn’t?).

Born and raised in a small countryside town outside of Zurich, where I dressed up as a princess or just simply drew evening or wedding gowns on blank pages. In my younger years I thought being a wedding planner would be a suitable career.

Growing up, I finished my apprenticeship as a hairdresser, moved to Australia by the age of 18, followed by 6 years jetting around the globe as a flight attendant. After those busy years filled with fun but also exhausting jetlag`s I felt it was time to settle down into a more commercial career. I developed into the Insurance and Real Estate Industry and got my degree in Business Management. I had a good salary and a stable 8-5 job but something was still missing:  the dream to create MY own thing!

One evening I suddenly came up with the perfect business idea: my own modern and inclusive bridal boutique. Followed by writing every single thought down into my Businessplan, battled through weeks of insomnia, excitement and thinking I have gone absolutely insane, I founded my own company in December 2020 – my cream dream has become a reality.

transparency and empowerment

We are less when we don’t include everyone – Stuart Milk

Cream Bridal is a modern, innovative and refreshing bridal boutique nestled in the heart of Zurich, in a funky neighborhood I also call home. I opened the doors with a mission to create a inclusive and safe place for every woman to discover her unique personality and style in finding her wedding dress whilst providing honest insight and expertise.

My goal is to create the most comfortable experience where you can laugh, smile and maybe even cry a little (Ill cry with you – hello emotional person!) – all while hanging out with your favorite people. That’s why my boutique was designed to be stress-free and pressure-free.

I believe in the power of empowering and discovered that helping brides feel beautiful fills my heart with more joy than I can describe, which is why everyone is welcome at my boutique to make your dream become reality #thecreamdream!

I can`t wait to meet you, hear about your story, the proposal and slide into the exclusive selection of bridal gowns at realistic price points, from rare to find designers around the world. Whether you find a gown at Cream or somewhere else, I feel honored to step into this incredible time in your life to support, celebrate and encourage you in this beautiful moment.

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